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Marcibel and Josh

June 19, 2015; Jefferson City, MO

Photo by Joe Myers, Backdrop courtesy of Steamworks & Shadows

Marcibel was built in 1896 and has been programmed to provide musical entertainment through the use of a voice box and other musical instruments. Although her music styles vary widely, most of the music programmed predates the 21st century. Contemporary selections may be requested upon booking. Marcibel was joined by Joshua Lee Baker for the Cosplacon 2015 Steampunk Ball. Josh is an outstanding guitarist (and occasional vocalist) who is also solely responsible for maintenance of Marcibel's system functions before, during, and after performances.

Cosplacon 2015 Steampunk Ball

Photos by Steamworks & Shadows (Jashin Lin)

Marcibel and Josh most recently performed at Cosplacon June 19th in Jefferson City, MO. They provided entertainment during the intermission for the Steampunk Ball hosted by Steamworks & Shadows.

Performance Video by Chris Lewis: Cosplacon 2015 Steampunk Ball

For all booking inquiries, please visit the Booking page and fill out the form provided.

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