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Marcibel's Adventures

Check out what she's been up to.....

As Marcibel continues to make appearances, this page will keep you up to date with news and pictures (maybe videos, once I figure out how to load them).

Marcibel performed with the Lewis and Clark Community College (LC) ODDsemble on the evening of November 19, 2013. However, it was truly a different experience considering her voice box malfunctioned before the concert so she had to lip sync along with the Steam Powered Giraffe recordings! Thankfully, the concert was still a big success and the audience seemed to be pleased with her performance. There was only one picture taken that night of Marcibel's performance (link below), but there will be more pictures, as well as an article to come some time in Spring 2014 from Maryville University (MU) about Marcibel.

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