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Currently, we have one music instructor: Marcy Holub.

Listed below are the services which she provides.

Private Instruction

Introductory lessons on all instruments (including voice)

Proper breathing and breath support

Techniques specific to instrument

Primary Instruments: flute, clarinet, alto/tenor saxophone, piano, percussion


Unfortunately, ensembles cannot be offered until a physical location is obtained. However, once obtained, we intend to form at least one band and one choir. More ensembles may be formed with sufficient enrollment


Music Appreciation: basic understanding and exploration of different music genres and how to listen to the art of music

Music History: in depth studies of past and present styles of both Western and Non-Western music

Music Theory: learning how music works from basic understanding of musical notation to in depth study of musical forms and writing

For questions or further information, please contact us:


Phone: 618-946-6036 (please leave a message)

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