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About Us

Notes and Rhythms: School of Fine Arts (N&R) was founded by Marcy Holub on July 26, 2013. We are currently in the process of finding a facility in which to hold lessons, rehearsals, and classes, most of which will be determined by student enrollment and interest.

N&R is committed to providing quality education in the arts primarily to the children in our community grades Pre-K through 12, as well as any adults who express an interest. N&R offers opportunities for instrumental and vocal ensembles; affordable private instruction in music and art; and tutoring in music theory, music history, and art history. Once we secure a facility, we will begin to organize classes for further fine arts education. While N&R primarily offers services in music, other fine arts will gradually be implemented as we continue to grow and develop our programs.

Until the school is officially up and running, feel free to contact Marcy about private music instruction. Also, Marcibel the Musical Automaton is available for concerts and parties. You may also consider booking Marcibel with Key of Steam for your upcoming events or conventions. Send an e-mail to Marcibel for all booking inquiries and to discuss the various entertainment programs offered. All pricing details are listed below.

Private Instruction (Starting Rates)

30 Minutes: $20

45 Minutes: $25

60 Minutes: $30

For lessons conducted in student's home, additional fees will be included depending on location.

Payments: per month or semester; cash preferred

Skype lessons available upon request (payable through PayPal).

Marcibel Rental

Appearance (Up to 1 Hour): $100

Subsequent Hours: $25 (Per Hour)

Fees may be negotiable, based on the Proper Program Protocol (PPP)

for the type of entertainment desired. Please inquire within.

Marcibel with Key of Steam

While the band often varies, the current musicians accompanying Marcibel are Ezra "Griff" Griffin and Aldus Frazer. Griff is an outstanding guitarist and vocalist who graces us with his talents, but is a man of very few words. Aldus is a wonderful bassist who also provides vocal harmonies and a booming Scottish laugh. He is also solely responsible for maintaining and monitoring my system functions before, during, and after performances.

2 Member Band: $600 per performance

Travel expenses, food, and lodging must be included.

2018 IRS Standard Mileage Rates

N&R Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 9PM

Saturday: 10AM - 5PM

Sunday: Closed

Contact Information


Marcibel/Key of Steam:

Phone: 618-946-6036 (please leave a message)

Mailing Address:

PO Box 184

Jerseyville, IL 62052

Currently, no physical location.

Please contact us to make necessary lesson arrangements.

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