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The pilot episode was released February 22nd and the first official episode on May 7th! I do apologize for the delay in updates, but follow the links below to enjoy the dawn of this new series!

Antediluvian - Pilot Episode

Also, enjoy our mini episode with The Hand of Glory, released May 19th!

We have also added several new characters to the series.....

Admiral Boneman

Witches Turned Commanders

In further news, a few cast members of Antediluvian were seen at Wizard World St. Louis on May 23rd!

All Antediluvian Photos by Dustin Hawkins


Recently, some of the cast members from Antediluvian filmed a parody of a Dragon Ball Z episode. I have never been into Anime, but apparently, there is some type of discrepancy between the original Japanese version and the English dubbed script. In the Japanese version, the main character says "8,000", whereas in the English version he says "9,000". Our video, "It's Over 9,000" is a parody of this error. I have included both versions for your comparison. Those of you who may be familiar with this Anime series, should find this video extra amusing. Enjoy!

Dragon Ball Z: It's Over 8,000

Antediluvian: It's Over 9,000 (Vimeo)

Antediluvian: It's Over 9,000 (YouTube)

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